Minimii Handmade Designmarket for kids products

Minimii Handmade will be back after a long break on the 2018
and it will take place at the Barthonia Showroom in Cologne, Germany!
You may be curious about the shape of things to come!


Sunday, 3rd of November 2013, 11-18 pm., Bürgerhaus Stollwerck, Köln
Sunday, 25th of May 2014, 11-17 pm., Komed Mediapark, Köln
Sunday, 14th of December 2014, 11-17 pm., Komed Mediapark, Köln


Little Emma loves wearing exceptional designer clothing, which you cannot get in a regular shop (yet). Small little shops and boutiques have even more awesome designers, who offer neat children´s products. Unique items, no mass-produced goods. Unfortunately you cannot find all of these products at one place one at a time, therefore you have to surf through the internet in order to find several online shops or you start sewing yourself. But: we want to change this! In the future, we do not only want Emma to be happy, but every other child as well.

minimii handmade is the first design market in your city, that specialized in children´s products. We want to offer young designers a platform in order to present their self-designed products. And we are not only referring to baby and kids clothes, but also accessories, toys, needful things for mom and dad, exactly those things you cannot get in every shop.


You design kids products yourself and would like to sell them at Minimii Handmade Designmarkt? You want to explore the German market with your brand? We offer you the space you need for your products, ranging from a clothing rack to a full booth – apply now with the REGISTRATION FORM and with a bit of luck, you will take part in our event.

In case you do not find the booth size you are looking for, please send us an email with your desired booth size to
The deadline for the application will be announced in 2018. We will look at your portfolio and products and will send you a confirmation as well as a participant information via email, if we chose you. Please be aware that it might take up to six weeks after the application deadline until you hear back from us due to the high amount of applications
Tip: In case you think that 3 pictures aren´t enough to show us your product range, please send us a download link to your portfolio via email.
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